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Jean Butler ------------------------------------------------------------------
We regret that we will not be running Ceili Camp 2010. Thank you to all the wonderful Ceili Campers and supporters from 2002 – 2009!
Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Join us for fun, fitness and culture with the very highest caliber of instructors and choreographers in all levels of music, dance, sports and fitness at Céilí Camp 2009!


UPDATE Céilí Camp 2009

Why has Céilí Camp Changed its format this year?

There have been many times over the past few months where Céilí Camp 2009 has come close to being cancelled, but due to the overwhelming support and dedication of our growing Céilí Camp community, and to Irish culture, we are able to continue.

With the increasing popularity of Irish culture world-wide, the Irish Dancing Commission has the ever more challenging job of implementing and managing rules that will allow Irish dancing, specifically with regard to competitions, to be enjoyed fairly by everyone.  Most recently, in an attempt to keep the adjudication system fair, the Commission has made a series of changes to the rules governing open workshops, adjudication, and the association of schools.

Céilí Camp has been wound up in this red tape and is still in the process of getting things sorted. Drastic changes have been made to our activities for 2009 to comply with Commission regulations. The Irish dancing classes component has been removed and everyone is very excited and looking forward to changing the focus to working towards the production of “Céilí: An Seó” – Céilí: The Show.

Joel Hanna What does Céilí Camp look like this year?

Céilí: An Seó – Céilí: The Show is a collaborative effort between Céilí Camp’s Director, Leslie Wilson, and its choreographers, dancers and musicians led by:

Choreographer – Jean Butler, dance
Choreographer and Musician – Joel Hanna, dance and bodhrán
Musician – Martin Nolan, whistle and pipes
Musician – Craig McGregor, guitar
Musician – Meredith Coloma, fiddle  

To round out our cultural experience and cross-training practice, Céilí Camp is pleased to offer classes in the following:

Conditioning & Ballet – Charlene Hart
Gaelic Games – John O’Flynn

To purchase tickets to Ceili: An Seó phone 778 288-5695
Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door

Click on the link to the STAFF BIO section to learn more about Céilí Camp 2009 Choreographers and Music Instructors!

Have you always wanted to be a part of a dynamic performance troupe putting on a high-octane show?

Whether it’s percussive dance, fiddle, guitar, uilleann pipes, penny whistle, bodhrán, or Gaelic Football that piques your interest, Céilí Music and Dance Camp is a great week of fun, fitness and culture with the very highest caliber of instructors and choreographers in all levels of music, dance and sports!



Accommodation and Meals

Executive Hotel  - Ask for the Ceili Camp rate:  $92/night
Harrison Country Club Campground (formerly Sasquatch Springs Campground) - $168-$204/week
Harrison Resort & Spa from $159 - $249/night
Harrison Beach Hotel from $165 – $265/night
Harrison Village Motel from $79 - $179/night
Spa Motel from $65 - $99/night
Glencoe Motel Tel: (604) 796-2574 from $80-$90/night
Various other motels and B&B’s

The Village of Harrison offers a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to choose between. From pizza to fine dining, most are a stone’s throw from Ceili Camp class venues. There’s also a grocery store in Agassiz, a 10-minute drive from Harrison. To see all that Harrison Hot Springs has to offer, go to or to

Meals and Accommodations for Unaccompanied Minors

Ceili Camp 2009 is organizing limited meal and accommodation arrangements to unaccompanied minors this year. Minors (those under 19 years) can register with Ceili Camp to stay at the Executive Inn (4 to a room plus 1 den mother in a cot) and have three buffet meals per day at the hotel for the additional cost of $575 per student.

Ceili 2009 appreciates the generous support and sponsorship from the following:
westgate flower gardens


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